What is included this course?

  • Chapter 1: Educating Yourself

    To Buzzword or Not to Buzzword? Have you ever questioned practices at school? Are you not aware of how trendy words like grit and growth mindset can be harmful? This chapter will discuss how to distinguish what is and isn't research based.

  • Chapter 2: Becoming Critical

    Learning habits that change. How to decide if the best new thing is actually the best new thing, how to find research, how to distinguish what is real, and how to be confident by finding the information yourself.

  • Chapter 3: Making a Plan

    Now you have the research, but how do you make plans for change? How do you make unpopular decisions and how can you possibly challenge school policy? In this chapter, you will learn how to advocate for yourself and for your students.

  • What Will I Have Access To?

    All three chapters come with video lessons, resource links, pdf downloads, and 'further learning' lists. You will also be able to communicate with me through e-mail with any questions or specific concerns throughout the course.


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